On Saturday, March 7, Valley Catholic Middle School competed in the fifty-third annual Speech Tournament.

We were proud to welcome all of the participants in the 2020  Valley Catholic Middle School Speech Tournament.

Click here to view photo album on SSMO Campus Flickr.

Results and winners:

Sixth Grade Humorous
Honorable Mention Eva McCaskill | Cathedral
Third Vienna Goodwin | Cathedral
SecondSahana Srivasan | VCMS
First Camille Friess | Cathedral
Sixth Grade Patriotic
Honorable Mention Cody DeVaux | Holy Cross
Third Marilyn Phelps | St. Joseph
SecondSarah Thomas | VCMS
First/ScholarshipEvelyn Nadalsky | Cathedral
Sixth Grade Serious
Honorable Mention Paazin Daruwala | VCMS
Third Nabila Khan | Oregon Islamic Academy
SecondLevi McClure | Holy Trinity
FirstJoyce Nguyen | VCMS
Seventh Grade Humorous
Honorable Mention Anne Duan | VCMS
Third Luke Pranger | VCMS
SecondNikita Chincholkar | VCMS
First/ScholarshipSofia D’Souza | VCMS
Seventh Grade Patriotic
Honorable Mention Brady Angelo | St. Joseph
Third Shriya Myneni | VCMS
SecondHenry Louie | Holy Cross
First/Scholarship Abdul Rahman Toor | Oregon Islamic
Seventh Grade Serious
Honorable Mention Elisabeth Dellit | VCMS
Third Laure Howerton | VCMS
SecondPriscilla Maanao | Cathedral
FirstAparna Kamath | VCMS
Eighth Grade Humorous
Honorable Mention Carson Jess | Cathedral
Third Noor Jawed | Cathedral
SecondLogan McClure | Holy Trinity
First/ScholarshipTanush Sistla | VCMS
Eighth Grade Serious
Honorable Mention Marjorie Docktor | Holy Trinity
Third Kay Beemer | VCMS
SecondTiago Moreno | VCMS
First/ ScholarshipVivian Nguyen | VCMS
Eighth Grade Patriotic
Honorable Mention Will Louie | Holy Cross
Third Alice Radford-Brown | Madeleine
SecondNisha Ekanathan | VCMS
First/ ScholarshipMaansi Singh | VCMS