At Valley Catholic Music School, we believe that playing a musical instrument enhances and benefits our students’ lives. We provide an opportunity for every student to develop his or her musical talent in a fun, challenging and safe environment.

Our dedicated and talented instructors work with students of all ages and abilities. Students learn to read music, develop technique & theory, and discover different genres and composers from all over the world. Students will also have the opportunity to share their musical talent with others through performance.

Research has shown that dedication to learning an instrument through sustained attention and creative thinking builds classroom and academic skills. In addition, studying music increases cognitive skills through problem solving, goal setting and flexible thinking.

We look forward to being a part of your musical journey!

Sr. Juliana Monti, Emeritus of Valley Catholic Music School

At Valley Catholic Music School, we believe in the importance of music and the far-reaching effect it can have throughout our lives. Our excellent, professional instructors strive to give interested students the opportunity to recognize and develop their God-given musical talents.

Valley Catholic Music School is open to students of all ages; our students range from pre-kindergarten to adulthood. We aim to give all of our students an opportunity to develop as performers, musicians, and on-going learners, while at the same time enhancing their use of leisure time. Music can also lend itself to developing life skills, such as discipline, performance, sharing musical talents with others, teamwork and personal fulfillment.

Throughout the history of mankind, music has played an integral part in the culture and history of people. We are sometimes caught up in world disasters, financial stress, work and health issues. Music in our lives is a potent antidote that can bring us relief, joy, peace and fulfillment.

May you always have a song in your heart! God bless.