Valley Catholic Middle School offers a wide range of exciting extracurricular activities. Meeting times may be before school, after school, or at lunch. If school is not in session for any reason, activities will not be held. Activities are free of charge, unless stated otherwise.

Enrichment Program

We offer more than 20 enrichment classes including life skills (cooking, money management, yoga and relaxation), movement (such as self defense, sports camps and quidditch), academic enrichment (digital arts and design, science bowl and speech) and creative outlets (calligraphy, comic book design and movie making).


In addition to fine arts and world language courses, eighth-grade students may choose courses in journalism, introduction to robotics, Careers in STEM, Red Cross babysitting, CERT training, and yearbook. Valley Catholic Middle School’s curriculum follows Archdiocesan standards as well as the Oregon State Framework. In addition, our curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards and by the International Society for Technology Education. Additionally, each of our teachers become an Apple Certified Teacher within their first year of teaching on campus.