The Valley Catholic Campus Ministry program affects students in many important ways including retreats, liturgies and service.

Retreats allow students to take time from their everyday routines to examine their lives and spirituality. Student leaders work with the Campus Minister to make the retreat experience spiritually rewarding and memorable. There is one retreat for each class at Valley Catholic High School.

As an important time for students to reflect on God and their own spirituality, liturgies are central to the life of a student at Valley Catholic School. Monthly Masses, Advent and Lenten prayer services and other special liturgies are planned throughout the year by students. Students serve as Eucharistic ministers; the choir and band provide music.

As members of a Catholic community, students embrace Christ’s call to serve others. The Valley Catholic service program requires students to provideĀ 10 hours of service to the community each year. A different type of service is emphasized each year, including service at home, at school, at church and in the community.

The Serving Our Community (SOC) club organizes service opportunities for all students throughout the year and encourages all students to participate.

You can view the student service requirements below: