Our Parents Guide is designed to be an invaluable resource: whether you are new to the campus, have long-time connections to our school or want to learn more about Valley Catholic. This page features information of importance throughout Valley Catholic. Additional information is available in the Parents Guide for each school.

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Campus Maintenance

Counseling | “Living Valiantly”

  • Winter-Spring 2018 | Boundless confidence; finding true belonging; striving for…perfectionism?
  • Winter 2017 | Family time; There’s no time like screen time; Failure: it’s just a word; Resources
  • Spring 2017 | It’s About Relationships with All of Existence
  • Spring 2016 | The ministry of presence; When challenges become opportunities; A look at mindfulness; Resources
  • Winter 2016 | Listening with a twist; Lean on me; Change starts now; Resources
  • Winter 2015 | Grief through the holidays; Growing your child’s mind; Doodling kindness; Resources
  • Spring 2014 | It’s about relationships; Teaching healthy boundaries in a changing world; Looking at stress in a positive light; Resources
  • Winter 2014 | Be still and respond with grace; Stress and teens; Test-taking tips to be ready for finals; Resources




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