Piano | My name is Madeleine Gendron. I am French Canadian, born and raised in Quebec City, Quebec. I come from two families of musical talent and background. Most of my numerous uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews on both sides play many instruments. Music is my family heritage and my passion. I have been in Oregon for 25 years and became a member of OMTA (Oregon Music Teacher Association). I use OMTA syllabus in voice, violin, piano jazz, and piano classical from Levels 1 to 10. My philosophy as a music teacher is to develop and nurture the musician in each student offering step by step tasks, exercises, and repertoire for steady growth and enjoyment to perform. Music is my passion and in my twelve years at Valley Catholic I am happy to be part of this community and offer all my energy for the students and their parents to grow in music. Have a good school year!