Valley Catholic honors the commitment of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon to community care through faith and action.

Service Information for Freshmen

Freshmen are required to do 10 hours of informal service for others. The idea or emphasis for this year is to understand service in a broader sense and to understand the need for service in many everyday ways.

There are no limits to what you can do for service hours this year. The emphasis, however, is on informal service. For example, babysitting for your cousins or nieces/nephews, helping elderly neighbors rake leaves in their yard, helping your grandma clean out her closet, etc. These are simple ways for you to help that have tremendous benefits for those you are helping. There is only one guideline: You cannot get any monetary benefit from the service you perform. (As an example: not getting paid for babysitting or cleaning the yard.)

Service Information for Sophomores

Sophomores are required to do 10 hours of service this year. These hours are similar to the hours you have done before, but the emphasis is different. This year, all 10 of your hours need to be done for a church, parish or other faith community. One of the main reasons for this emphasis is to help you understand how many people it takes to keep a faith community running smoothly. There are many ways to get involved in your parish or church. Here are just a few that people are already doing:

  • Lead (not participate in) a Confirmation group.
  • Serve as an altar server, choir member, reader, and/or Eucharistic Minister at your parish.
  • Baby-sit children while their parents are at church.
  • Help teach Sunday school or other religious education programs.
  • Perform maintenance or landscaping for church grounds.
  • Work with/for St. Vincent DePaul, collecting food/other items.

Please note that your service does not have to take place at a Catholic faith community. It can be a church that your family attends, or you can help a friend at their church.

Service Information for Juniors

Juniors are required to do 10 hours of service for the Valley Catholic School community (for the school or other sites on our campus). This year, we want you to understand how many people it takes to keep the school going and make all the events successful. Although it may sound daunting, there are plenty of opportunities for service to the school. To begin, all juniors should sign up to help with either the Valley Catholic High School Open House or the Valley Catholic Gala. When you sign up for one of these, you could be helping with the event itself or with tasks prior to the event. You should listen to announcements to sign up for various activities. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the director of campus life to discuss these opportunities

In addition to one of those events, you will need to supplement with other events and opportunities. There are many possibilities, so you should always listen for announcements of opportunities. Types of activities include: sports activities (taking money, helping with tournaments, summer camps, etc), Alumni events, helping in the library, cleaning up after athletic events, etc.

Service Information for Seniors

Seniors are required to do 10 hours of service. What you should focus on your senior year is doing all 10 hours of service to one or two organizations working directly with people, animals or the environment. For example, at the Humane Society, you cannot file paperwork; you must work with the animals. Your chosen organization must arrange for you to work one-on-one with their population.

Before you go to do your service, make sure to pick up a service journal and service agreement form from room 206. This will take the place of the small Service Credit Slips.

Each time you do service (no matter how long you did the service), before you leave, fill out one page of the journal, and then have your supervisor sign it in the provided place.

This year is a chance for you to not only do service in an area of your interest, it also allows you to build a relationship with a service agency. As usual, we are also trying to help you understand that service fits into the busiest of schedules.

Suggestions for Senior Service

Elder Care

SOLVE Oregon

Blanchet House

Documenting your service

At least five of your 10 hours must be completed and submitted by the specified date in January. No hours will be accepted after that time, regardless of circumstances. The last five hours are due no later than the specified date in May.  Again, no hours will be accepted after that time.

It is recommended that you turn in your slips as soon as you do the service, to avoid any last minute complications. In order to get credit for your service, you have to fill out a credit slip, have your direct supervisor sign it then ask the director of campus life (room 206) to stamp it “Received” in your presence.