This summer I received several emails from the OSAA, as did all member schools, which focused on sportsmanship policies. The focus on sportsmanship is growing out of a concern for poor fan behavior, both student and parent, that has manifested itself around the country and in Oregon. Examples provided by the OSAA included events in which athletes and students from opposing teams were taunted with racial slurs, racially explicit language, and negative cultural references. In response to these and other incidents, HB 3409 has established policies for interscholastic organizations, like the OSAA, and the OSAA has clarified its policies regarding sportsmanship.

To highlight some of the more salient points:

  • All cheers, comments and actions shall be in direct support of one’s team.
  • No cheers, comments or actions shall be directed at one’s opponent or at contest officials. Some examples of unacceptable conduct include but are not limited to: disrespecting players by name, number or position; negative cheers or chants (including chants like “You! You! You!”, or “You Got Swatted!”, or “Air Ball!”); throwing objects on the playing surface, use of derogatory, vulgar, or racially explicit language.
  • Those violating or threatening to violate the Association rules or site management spectator conduct expectations, may be ejected from the premises, issued a trespass citation, excluded from sanctioned activities temporarily or permanently and/ or referred to law enforcement officials.
  • When the coaches, players, students, staff, or spectators engage in unsportsmanlike conduct the school shall be subject to penalty. The member school may be subject to forfeitures, fines, probation, suspension of membership, or expulsion from the Association.

Please, do not put yourself or your student in a position where your actions or your words jeopardize the amazing experience that should be high school athletics. Don’t put yourself in a position where your words or actions not only put you or the school in a position to be sanctioned by the OSAA but also reflect poorly on the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.

If you would like more information about the OSAA policies please feel free to contact me.


Doug Ierardi,

OSAA Cup Champions

On a more upbeat note, Valley Catholic High School won the 2019 OSAA Cup. This is the sixth time in eight years that we have earned this award. Congratulations to all of our student athletes, musicians, and singers!

ONE Host Family Desperately Needed

Because we had one family unable to host, we are in need of one family to host two Japanese students in the fall. The visit is for 3 nights. The Japanese students are from Shukutoko Yono High School. This is a very short commitment and the experiences for all involved are invaluable.

Shukutoko Yono High School is the school that my wife and I visited in April of 2018. This past fall we hosted a student for the weekend. It was a great experience for us. She enjoyed spending the day in Seaside and being part of the Valley Catholic community, if only for a few days.

Please consider this opportunity and contact me if you are interested in more information. Thank you for your support.