Dear Parents,

This time of year, we are surrounded by signs of time passing and the end of this academic year coming to a close. Several years ago, the middle school staff and I made a conscious effort to make sure that each grade had one special day, off campus, with all of the staff being able to attend and interact with the students. For sixth grade – it is the last day of outdoor school in the fall, for seventh grade – it is the Waves of Love trip, and for eighth – it is the Graduation Get-Away at Horning’s Hide-Out (which was last Thursday).

Being able to spend time away from school with the students as they are finishing their middle school journey is heartwarming. Seeing this group develop over the past three years coupled with their own reflections about their class was priceless. The students and staff took time to share, laugh, and play together. When asked what is unique about their class more than half of the class described the same basic ideas, which I believe are expressed in the following student responses:

“Our class is unique because of the relationships we have created with our peers and teachers throughout the years. Some of us have gone through all the years at Valley Catholic but we no longer remember who was new and who was old. That is special, we are now a giant family, where everyone knows everyone and learned how to work together. 

Our class has so many people with different personalities and backgrounds. When we all come together there are so many exciting stories that we can share. Each person is different, and brings a different (and fun) aspect to our class. Everyone has their own different bit of craziness that they bring to the overall batch. 

These three years, especially eighth grade, went VERY fast, especially the second semester. I will remember all of my wonderful friends and all the amazing memories we made together. Also, all the teachers that have helped me become who I am today. I am so thankful for all of them.”

Congratulations to the VCMS class of 2019 and to all the students who are now embarking on the next chapter in their life. We wish you all a safe, restful, and blessed summer break!

Jennifer Gfroerer