Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does our school have a Gala?

A: At Valley Catholic, like other private schools, the tuition for each child does not cover the true cost of education. Along with the Annual Fund, the Gala helps to offset the operating budget for our school and your participation is important in both fundraisers. The gala is also the biggest celebration on campus, bringing together alumni, friends and parents of children of all ages within the larger community—in support and celebration of Valley Catholic School.

Q: What happens to the proceeds from the Gala?

A: Proceeds from the gala go directly to the operating budgets of Valley Catholic School. The school uses the funds raised for operating expenses that make many of our programs possible.

Q: I’m interested in being a Gala Sponsor. What do I do?

A: Please contact Caroline Fogarty, Events Manager at 503-718-6486.

Q: When and where is the Gala?

A: The Gala will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at Montgomery Park. The event begins with cocktails and a Silent Auction at 5:00 p.m., followed by dinner and the Live (Oral) Auction.

Q: What happens at the Gala?

A: At 5:00 p.m. the celebration begins! We will start the night off with cocktails, mingling and a silent auction. A lovely dinner will be served in the main ballroom. The Live (or oral) Auction will be kicked off with the drawing of the “Golden Ticket.” The winner of the Golden Ticket may choose any package from the Live Auction before any bidding begins! Immediately after, the auctioneer will kick off lively bidding on exciting trips and exclusive experiences. All guests will also have an opportunity to contribute to financial aid by raising their paddles to pledge their financial support as part of our “Light a Fire” campaign. 

Q: What are Grade Projects?

A: Each K-5 grade works together under the leadership of parent volunteers to create a one-of-a-kind project. In past years, projects have ranged from a handmade tiled mirror to a decoupage dresser. Students help put their own creativity and artistic abilities into these incredible, highly-sought-after grade projects.

Q: How can I help? Do you need volunteers?

A: Yes! We can always use new volunteers. There are many volunteer opportunities with the Gala. Are you able to pick up donations from local area businesses on weekends? Will you offer your time and energy to help with decorations or set-up on auction day? Or can you lend some muscle power to our transportation team? Watch for notices via email and the Valley Catholic View, as volunteer opportunities become available via Sign-Up Genius. Some spaces fill quickly, so don’t be left out! If you let us know your interests and availability, we’ll find a job for you.

Q: Can I donate to the Gala?

A: Yes! All gifts are tax deductible. Your donation directly benefits our students at Valley Catholic School. Your generosity is vital to the success of the Gala! All you have to do is turn in a donation form and if needed, bring your item to the Gala office. We also now can accept donations directly on this website. Please see the links on the previous page.

Q: What is the donation deadline?

A:   January 31, 2019

Q: Who is invited to the Gala? Can I invite people from outside the VCS community?

A: Invitations are mailed (or emailed, upon request) to all current parents, all attendees from last year and other VCS friends and supporters. We encourage you to bring friends who are interested in supporting or attending our school. If you would like us to mail an invitation, please let us know.

Q: What are High School Trips and Middle School Adventures?

A: High School families are asked to make donations to underwrite the cost of purchasing wonderful vacation packages. Those vacation packages for couples and/or families will be auctioned off during the live auction on Gala night.

Middle School Oregon Adventures are fairly new to the Gala. Middle school families have been asked to make a donation for the effort to procure specific adventures right here in Oregon. Those packages will then be available for bid during the live auction on Gala night.

Q: How do I bid in the silent auction?

A: Each package has a bidding sheet next to it with a series of lines, each with a bid amount and a space for a bid number and name. When you arrive at the auction, you will receive a bidder number. This is what you write, along with your last name, on the line next to the amount that you would like to bid for the package. The package goes to the highest bidder at the time of the closing.

Q: What is the ‘Blue Line’ in the silent auction?

A: Most silent auction items will have a blue line highlighted on the bid sheet. If you place your bidder number on the blue line, your number will be entered into a special drawing to receive a pre-determined package. The Blue Line prize is usually a weekend travel experience.

Q: What is a “guaranteed” bid?

A: All packages have a required minimum bid, and a few will also have a guaranteed bid. If a bidder writes their number next to the guaranteed bid, then all bidding stops and that bidder has won the package. The guaranteed bid is usually more than the stated value of the package.

Q: How do I bid in the Live Auction?

A: Our professional auctioneer will lead the bidding orally by announcing price points. When you hear the amount you want to bid, you raise your auction paddle so it can easily be seen. The auctioneer will gesture toward you and announce your bid to the audience. The package will be sold to the highest bidder.

Q: Are my purchases tax-deductible?

A: Amounts paid over the listed value of a package are tax-deductible. Your auction receipt will itemize the price you paid and the value of each package you purchased.

Q: My employer will match my donations. Who do I talk to?

A: We are happy to help you with your matching program. All questions should be directed to Sean Lottman, our Database Manager at

Q: Will there be anything there that I can afford?

A: The committee works hard to ensure that there are packages with a variety of values. Guests can spend anywhere from $20 to several thousand dollars. Plus, there are always deals to be had by alert bidders in the silent auction.

Q: What if I cannot attend the Gala, but would like to bid on a package?

A: Proxy bidding gives you the chance to buy an auction item without attending. Simply complete a Proxy Bid form with the name of the item you would like and the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for it. The Proxy Bid form will be added to this website as we approach Gala night.

Q: Can I purchase a ticket for someone to attend the Gala, who might not otherwise attend?

A: Yes. There will be an opportunity to purchase tickets for Sisters, teachers and staff member as well as to sponsor full tables.