AP Testing

Advanced Placement testing begins next week. I am sure that each student is well prepared and I hope that they are as confident in their abilities as I am. Teachers and students have been working hard all year in preparation for these exams. At times, I am sure, the workload and the pace of the classes have seemed to be bordering on the insane and has created a moderately heightened level of stress for your child. That, of course, is the downfall of any convergent curriculum that has a defined ending point resulting in a standardized assessment – especially when all of that is being weighed against the busy social and extracurricular lives of adolescents.

I hope, however, that teachers, students, and parents can always look beyond the test scores. We are here to teach and to learn lessons that are greater than the scores on a standardized test. While the results of the exams may be beneficial in helping students gain college credit for course work, I would hope that the bigger advantage gained is a love and appreciation for the discipline they have so intently studied.

Over the next two weeks, our kids might need a little extra support. As parents, let’s try to help them keep perspective. These tests cannot measure their love for learning, their character, their faithfulness, or their capacity to love and serve one another. No test, no grade, is the summation of who we are or of who God is calling us to become.


Doug Ierardi

Host Families

I have written several requests for host families and I am so thankful to those families that have responded and are able to host two Japanese students in the fall.

But we still need to find four more families that are willing and able to open up their homes for this short exchange program. It is a three-night commitment (Friday, September 28 – Monday, October 1). Please see the flyer for more information.