Healthy and Balanced Students

In an earlier publication, I mentioned that we are working on ways to help students balance their commitments. One of the ways we will be doing this is by introducing a Sustainability Scale. This tool will be introduced during the process of course registration and will help guide parents and students in making choices about courses and extracurricular activities in an attempt to keep students healthy and balanced.

The Sustainability Scale assigns a value to courses and activities. The total score for a student is then set against a scale. If a student scores too high on the scale, we recommend a review of activities because we think the student will find themselves overextended, out of balance, and unable to sustain their efforts. If they score too low, we might recommend that a student find ways to challenge themselves a bit more lest they become bored, distracted, and fall short of using their gifts and talents to the best of their ability. The Scale will also help parents and students evaluate the number of hours for activities that can be reasonably allocated to the very busy lives of their students.

The first use of the Scale will not be perfect but we hope that it is a good first step in helping parents and students address the very real challenges of managing very demanding and time consuming academic and extracurricular lives. We hope that you, as parents, will engage with your student and with us in this process.


Doug Ierardi

Puget Sound Service Trip

For several years, we have taken a Spring Break Service Trip to Spokane and stayed, free of charge, on the Gonzaga campus. Last year, however, Gonzaga was unable to house us and we had to cancel the trip. This year, we were also unable to get housing but have put together another service trip opportunity. This year, we will be taking students on a four day, three night trip to the Seattle/ Tacoma area at the end of the third quarter (Thursday, April 12 – Sunday, April 15). We will work with homeless shelters, veterans housing, food banks, and work at a L’Arche farm. We will be staying at St. Martin’s University and touring both St. Martin’s and Seattle University. We will also have guest speakers from the college campus ministry offices.

Eight Host Families Still Needed

Thank you to the several families that have already volunteered to host students this fall. We still need eight families to host. The visit is for three (3) nights. The Japanese students are from Shukutoko Yono High School. This is a very short commitment and the experiences for all involved are invaluable. Please consider this opportunity and see the flyer for more information. Thank you for your support.

New Teachers on Campus

We would like to welcome two new teachers to campus. They are taking over Mrs. Miller’s classes for the rest of the semester while she is on maternity leave. Ms. Falotico will be teaching Health and PE and Ms. Liversidge will be teaching American Sign Language.

Upcoming Events

Friday, March 2 |  Early Dismissal (12:15 p.m.)

Friday, March 2 | Pirates of Penzance | 7:00 p.m. | Kelly Auditorium at Valley Catholic High School

Saturday, March 3  | Boys Basketball Playoff | 6:00 p.m. | Valiants Gym

Saturday, March 3 | Pirates of Penzance | 7:00 p.m. |  Kelly Auditorium at Valley Catholic High School

Sunday, March 4 | Pirates of Penzance | 2:00 p.m. | Kelly Auditorium at Valley Catholic High School

Wednesday, March 14 | Sophomore Parent College Planning Night | 7:00 p.m. | Kelly Auditorium at Valley Catholic High School