In an effort to address age-related challenges that exists in today’s urban environments, Valley Catholic Middle School students were tasked with the challenge of engineering a next-generation model or prototype that will create safer environments for senior citizens and to engineer two innovative solutions that would allow senior citizens to remain active and independent.

Students joined together in teams to researched, designed, and build virtual cities with the goal of winning this year’s regional Future City Competition.

On January 12, the finalists presented their cities in the final awards presentation assembly held at the high school auditorium and a winner was chosen.

Future City is a project-based learning program and competition that encourages middle school students to develop their interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This marks the 26th anniversary of the Future City competition, although it was only the first year as a participant for Valley Catholic Middle School.

On January 20, our finalists – Karinne Aiello, Kiele Cruz and Kylie Cormack – competed in the regional Future City Competition at Green River Community College. Our team’s presentation made quite the impression and earned the award for best overall score for a first year school and placed fifth overall.

Congratulations to the entire Valley Catholic team – Emma Lilac, Riya Mathew, Gabrielle Rockford, Juli Lowry and Sabina Lindner – and our faculty for their valiant performances at this year’s Future City Competition.