Time management and sustainability

I have, on previous occasions, written about the importance of good time management. Students can often find themselves being pushed and pulled by a multitude of forces. There are, however, only so many hours in a day. The ever-growing perception of the need to be involved in so many things in order to become “well-rounded” and produce a “strong resume” for college often drives students to over commit themselves (3 AP classes, the play, a sport, Outdoor School and Encounter Team, for example). In many cases, students are spread so thin that the quality of work and quantity of sleep often decrease while stress increases.

One of the tools that I anticipate the high school using in the future is a sustainability scale. It is designed to help parents and students make better scheduling and commitment choices. This tool was introduced to me by a colleague at Marist High School in Eugene. I think it may help Valley Catholic High School parents and students get a sense of how much time is really required for their classes and activities. In addition, it may help you and your student evaluate their ability to sustain that level of commitment. We will likely introduce this during class registration time in the spring. More details will come during second semester.

Of course I write this as we are entering an incredible time for student extracurricular participation which inevitably puts a strain on their time. Oh, the irony. At the time of this writing, the volleyball team, our girls soccer team and our boys cross country team are preparing for competitions this Saturday (Nov. 4). The Charisma Dance Team has its first competition at Gladstone on Nov. 4 and the drama department is preparing for their final performances of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” this weekend (Nov. 3-5). Sometimes even more than good time management, it takes the Grace of God. Thankfully, neither the quantity nor quality of that ever decreases.

On a side note: thank you to all of the parents who took the few minutes to complete the first parent survey for our accreditation process. We will be asking for your participation in at least one, if not two, more surveys before the year’s end.


Doug Ierardi