Dear Parents,

While our curriculum and school practices are reviewed on a yearly basis, every six years we engage in an in-depth process known as accreditation. Valley Catholic Middle School is accredited through AdvancED and this is our self-study year. This means that the staff and I will be looking at our programs to help ensure we are providing a culture of continual improvement.

Over the course of this process, we will be asking for your feedback, as stakeholders. One required component of the accreditation process is the completion of student, parent and teacher surveys. The first of the surveys will be sent via email during parent/teacher conferences next week.

While our culture of continual improvement never stops, the formal accreditation visit for both the middle school and high school will take place next March.

This is an exciting time: a time when we get to observe the fruits of our labors as well as look at the future growth of our programs.

Since our last set of accreditation goals were established, we are proud to say we have added the following: a full-time counselor dedicated to the middle school; an integrated iPad program; several authentic learning opportunities including the Capstone, Business, and Future City projects; more in-depth individual learning plans for students with diagnosed learning issues; the expansion of our fine arts program to include four music classes and five art courses; enrichment options to expose students to life skills training; and the development of an elective block to add courses such as Lego robotics, journalism and marine biology.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding an accreditation section to the Valley Catholic MIddle School Parents Guide so you may read summaries specific to the middle school’s monthly accreditation meetings. To learn more about the AdvanEd accreditation process, visit their website.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our parent/teacher conferences next week.


Jen Gfroerer