Accreditation Year

Every six years, Valley Catholic High School undergoes a self-study and is visited by a team of educators who accredit our school. The accrediting agency that we work with, AdvancEd, accredits schools all over the world. They will be sending a team of between three and five educators to VCS for a two-day visit on Monday, March 19, and Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

In preparation for their visit, we will be asking parents to participate in a school survey. My hope is that we will have the survey ready for you to complete during parent/teacher conferences next week. The survey does not take long and, since so many parents attend conferences, this seems like an ideal time to ask for your support in this process.

This year, during our accreditation work days, we will be reviewing our curriculum and evaluating our programs to ensure they continue to challenge our students. In addition, we will be examining the impact of our instruction, mission, culture, and utilization of material and fiscal resources. The accreditation process culminates in the development of an action plan for continuous growth that addresses our commitment to excellence and outlines our direction for the next several years.

I appreciate, in advance, your help and willingness to participate.


Doug Ierardi