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Honoring the best young scientists in our region
Posted 04/19/2013 09:12PM


Judges at the 11th annual Valley Catholic Middle School Regional Science Fair judged approximately 90 entries in chemistry, earth science, engineering, life science, and physics. The science fair was held on April 19.

It is reportedly the largest number of entries in the history of the event.

You can find preview photos of many of this year's entries on the Valley Catholic Flickr site. More complete photo coverage will be available on Monday.

We congratulate all of the participants and thank the judges and staff who supported the event.

Congratulations to the following students who earned trophies in this year's tournament.


Grade Category Place Name School Category Project Title
6 Chemistry/Earth Science 3 Greta Heidrich


Chemistry/Earth Science Rise to the Top
6 Chemistry/Earth Science 2 Iesha Comia & Clara Ganz St. Pius X Chemistry/Earth Science Which drink should go down the sink?
6 Chemistry/Earth Science 1 Ahbi Rajendran Valley
Chemistry/Earth Science The effect of cup size on dissolving rate
6 Engineering 3 Stephen Weinmuller St. Joseph - Vancouver Engineering "Ring…Ring…Ring"
6 Engineering 2 Abigal Mason St. Agatha Engineering Bag Light
6 Engineering 1 Gabe Rozzell St. Agatha Engineering The Folding Skateboard
6 Life Science 3 Phoebe Woonprasert Valley
Life Science Thirsty mung beans
6 Life Science 2 Rosie Crawford Valley
Life Science Limestone vs. Acid Rain
6 Life Science 1 Sarah Jones Valley
Life Science Feel the Beat
6 Physics 3 Holly Blish St. Mary Catholic School Stayton Physics Zoom, Zoom, Balloon
6 Physics 2 Katie Landoni Valley
Physics Ready, Aim, Fire! Experimentation with Catapults
6 Physics 1 Connor Espig Valley
Physics Sparky Creations
7 Chemistry/Earth Science 3 Madeline Quinonez St. Cecilia Chemistry/Earth Science Which container holds the most heat?
7 Chemistry/Earth Science 2 Emily Adams St. Mary Catholic School Stayton Chemistry/Earth Science Rust-eze
7 Chemistry/Earth Science 1 Nandini Naidu Valley
Chemistry/Earth Science A Novel CO2 Sequestration System
7 Engineering 3 Kenley Borgerson St. Clare
Engineering Mag Wall
7 Engineering 2 Amanda France Holy Trinity Engineering Recyceld Materials as Insulation
7 Engineering 1 Alex Moore Valley
Engineering Does a green roof really save you green?
7 Life Science 3 Ally Erwin & Clare Kennedy St. Pius X Life Science Ease the pain from Acid Rain
7 Life Science 2 Nathan Silenzi Valley
Life Science Jitter Bugs
7 Life Science 1 Katie Amann Valley
Life Science A radish's world: upside down
7 Physics 3 Natalie Ware Valley
Physics Oobleck vs. Music
7 Physics 2 Zack Johnson Valley
Physics What affects the bounce height of a tennis ball?
7 Physics 1 Jared Runstein Valley
Physics Airfoil Wing Design
8 Chemistry/Earth Science 3 McCall Phillips Valley
Chemistry/Earth Science Moisturizer effectiveness
8 Chemistry/Earth Science 2 Michael King St. Francis of Assisi Chemistry/Earth Science Are You Sick from Arsenic?
8 Chemistry/Earth Science Scholarship Rebecca Finn Valley
Chemistry/Earth Science Decomposition of Bioplastics
8 Engineering 3 Nick Esquibel Holy Trinity Engineering Thermoelectricity
8 Engineering 2 Binh Luu Valley
Engineering Waste today, watts tomorrow
8 Engineering Scholarship Mary Catherine Morgan Valley
Engineering Water for Life
8 Life Science 3 Hailey Pausz Valley
Life Science Zap that Zit
8 Life Science 2 Priyanka Mathur Stoller Middle School Life Science Helping Hypoglycemia
8 Life Science Scholarship Rikhia Chatterjee Valley
Life Science Effect of salt pollutants on plant ecology
8 Physics 3 Patrick Guthrie Valley
Physics Magnets and Temperature
8 Physics 2 Victor Agostinelli Valley
Physics Sound Absorption
8 Physics Scholarship Joseph Wiechelman St. Francis of Assisi Physics The Power of Magnets
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